The vision of Connect the Dots Movement is a better society! 


We noticed that there is still a huge gap between rich and poor, young and old, etc. We believe that this is due to a lack of positives role models in society. Think of rap music where the content often is about drugs, money, sex, violence and glorifying this unhealthy lifestyle and view on life!



As a result, young people in this phase of their lives are confronted with a crucial distort picture of the world and our society. They lose the respect to and for each other and no longer know how to deal with the elderly.

In our opinion, our society does too little to this kind of negative stimulus within our society and are too concerned with a dualistic program. Dualism makes room for divisions in the society and instead of working on more economic progress we want to advocate the restoration of social unrest, inequality and discontent.


We also believe that it is time for politics from the Netherlands to be more concerned with recovering from these kind of serious problems to prevent the growth of these gaps.



Our core values are the re-establishment of respect in general. Countering negative stimulant in both young and old in order to work on fair opportunities for all! 


We want to achieve this by using our passion for Hip hop and spirituality. For this we use the creativity in all of us to address social problems and to create and raise awareness.


We want to counteract negative stimulant by naming the active damage that it has on us as human beings and society. To stimulate a revolution in consciousness, we first need to raise the general consciousness. Reprogramming of the common sense.

A better society starts with yourself so stand up and start!