The Positive Network

Connect the Dots Movement stands for Hiphop and spirituality. We developed The Positive  Network and this allows us to offer people advice and guidance on their way to awareness and through spiritual development. 


We believe that one can get so much more grip on life by learning to see the difference between (+) and (-) charged life energy. We aim to guide people in the process of connecting to what we call, The Positive Network. In reality we help people to reconnect with the ancient natural systems of the Earth. 


We use our self developed (+/-) believe system. We believe that through a process of awareness people learn to detoxify theirselves. Through turning off negative input in our lives we make room for new positive influences. By doing this we trigger common sense and we increase the general knowledge. 


The Positive Network offers different workshops, lectures and courses.


Are you interested in learning more about our method or can you use advice/guidance in your personal growth?

Please feel free to contact us!

Spark Up your Conscious!