Serious Talks

Serious Talks is a project in which C.T.D. Movement serves as a bridge between revolutionary minds.


There are many people who daily philosophize on various topics from drugs to faith. Often these people don’t have a resting place for their ideas and philosophies because there is no listening ear for in the masses. C.T.D. Movement therefore hosts panel discussions to train the common sense and to increase the general knowledge. Often conversations with like minded give you new insights and it is a way to learn sharing our opinion respectful.


The purpose? Triggering of the common sense and increasing the general knowledge.


Each panel discussion has a different topic and theme. It is an informative and consulting discussion in which ideas and different perspectives are exchanged. The themes determine the target group as we want to keep it accessible for everyone.


Are you interested to join and share your thoughts? 

Then sign up for Serious Talks and help to increase public awareness!


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