Yahnumbers, our sister company, started in 2017 by Amberley & Genesis, two youngsters from the CTD team. They give Numerology readings, which is a tool to understand yourself better using you personal chart!

For more information you can visit the page!

The Hague hip hop Center (H3C) is the place to be for lovers of the hip-hop culture. You can be here all week for lessons in dance, art and music.

You get the chance to show your talents, and to take this to a higher level. They offer the pupils regularly a stage to show these talents.

A love for the Hiphop culture too?

Check out  the website or visit!

Propeus is a small, flexible organisation, which helps young people to create a safe basis, so that they can grow, learn and develop into independent citizens. 

Propeus think that everyone can be part of this society. All young people are encouraged to discover their own talents and potential. Propeus offers custom care. 

Do you know someone? Need help yourself? Then take a look at the website.